Finding Hidden Assets – Legal Resources

We will be moving this series into a much more productive area for commercial debt collection!  Enough with the “how to hide assets”.  Let’s talk about what resources can be brought to bear to hunt down, find, and attach those assets so that you, as a creditor, get paid what you are owed.  The series will continue next week!

The advantage to dealing with a well established Commercial Debt Collection agency is that over our two decades in the industry, there simply isn’t much we haven’t seen.   We believe that you should get paid what you are owed.  We also believe that most debtors would pay, even those that are past due if the collection agency showed them a way to pay within their current budget.

For those that are truly determined to wiggle out of their debt obligations though, we will pursue them.

Enjoy the second half of the series, and we’ll see you next week.




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