Commercial Debt Collection FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about commercial debt collection.

What is commercial debt collection?

Commercial debt collection is when a business, or entity acting for business purposes, owes another business past-due receivables. This can be distinguished from consumer debt collection, which involves the accumulation of debt for personal reasons.

What are the chances of the debt being recovered?

At CRI, we have one of the highest success rates in the industry. That being said, recovery depends on a number of factors, including the state of your debtors’ finances. We are often asked not only what the chances of success are, but also whether we can guarantee collection. We do have a guarantee of sorts, and it’s this: Do Nothing, Get Nothing! And if you do run into an agency that will guarantee payment, run away from it as quickly as possible!

Do you only handle commercial collections?

Here at CRI, we are EXPERTS in and only offer commercial collection. We have found through our decades of experience that when we specialize, we get to offer the most dedicated service to you.

What is the fee for Commercial Receivers Incorporated collection services?

There is absolutely no fee if we cannot collect, and if ultimately, a debt is determined to be uncollectible, said uncollectible debt will be thoroughly documented so that you can rest assured that all options have been exhausted and that the file should be closed. And then we’ll again thank you for the placement!

What should I look for when choosing a collection agency?

The very same thing you look for when searching for any other service—price and quality. Commercial Receivers offers both!

commercial debt collection FAQ

What are the advantages of choosing a collection agency over an attorney?

The answer here is simple: reduced costs. Our discount rates allow us both to make money; you by paying those rates, and us by not having to pay attorneys when legal action truly isn’t necessary. But when legal action is necessary, we will again document that need prior to forwarding to an attorney. We will strive to have the attorney do everything possible to collect without suit, which is in everyone’s interest. Unlike an attorney you might seek out (and who may be many states, or even countries, away), our attorneys operate on a contingency basis. There is generally a modest fee, and costs only (filing of suit, serving a debtor, suit fee, etc.) which a creditor must meet if he or she selects this option to proceed with litigation.

Does CRI use attorneys for collections?

Our highly-trained staff are experts on getting you your money as fast as possible. Of course, there are times we have to use an attorney to do so. In this case, claims will be placed with attorneys in the appropriate jurisdictions when a debtor continues to refuse to cooperate with us regarding payment or the setting up of satisfactory terms.

commercial debt collection FAQ

Does Commercial Receivers Charge an upfront fee for their service?

No, we don’t. All of our commercial collection services are based on contingencies – we are only paid when we collect money for you.

Is there a minimum amount of debt that Commercial Receivers Inc will help recover?

A claim amount can be as small as $500.00. However, unless a debtor cooperates there is no litigation option as the costs of suit in such instances would exceed the balance due. However, that is not to say that, in promising instances in which it appears a debtor may be susceptible to “legal action’” (in this case a demand only from an attorney), the claim is of a “doable” amount (higher than $500.00). As well as not being in a remote area where attorneys compete with each other and would thereby be willing to take on such claims (albeit, for demands only) we will indeed forward the claim to an attorney

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