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Commercial Debt Collection

Affordable, Personalized, Accountable

Long story short

Here’s what you get when you engage Commercial Receivers, Inc.

  • Low Cost Debt Collection
  • Personalized Service
  • Accountability

These are the 3 pillars on which we’ve built our debt collection agency:

Low Cost Debt Collection

What should be most important to you, as a business that has other businesses owing them money, is that Commercial Receivers is among the lowest cost of all the collection agencies that you will encounter. We are a low-cost collection agency by virtue of our own low overhead, but there are no compromises when it comes to getting you paid. However, price does not define a business. We opened our doors in 1982, totally focused on doing a few things very well, and very differently. We are focused, limiting ourselves to commercial collections, and with over 30 years of experience, we have the expertise and know-how to collect your debt for you.

Personalized Service

We are a small, tight-knit agency. We call ourselves a “boutique debt collection agency”. Commercial Receivers is a business where you can still talk to the owner. We keep our overhead low, and our team incredibly stable. You will be dealing with professionals that truly understand how to effectively get you paid quickly, and without it costing a fortune. You will NOT be an anonymous debt submission. You will be a client, receiving services and attention deserving of any client of any business.


This stems from our founder’s former career as a photographer to some of the most influential politicians of the day. Having attained Secret Service security clearance to perform such work meant he reached the highest level of reliability, professionalism and accountability. That same attitude is pervasive in how we do business with your company. A large part of accountability is ensuring that our clients always know exactly where each debt is in the process. No black holes, no shuffling, but instead constant, instant and meaningful reporting at every turn.

We understand that it is YOUR money we collect.

You deserve as much back as possible,

as timely as practical,

and with as much transparency as is feasible.

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commercial debt collection
commercial debt collection
commercial debt collection

Who Is Our “Typical” Debt Collection Client?

Oddly, there is no “typical” debt collection client.  Our experience leaves us able to work with large enterprise creditors, while our size and low cost allow us to work for small business.  Two things in common with all of our clients are:

  1. They appreciate paying the Lowest Debt Collection Fees in the Industry, keeping more of their money for themselves.
  2. They have commercial debtors, businesses that owe them money.

Commercial Receivers, Incorporated is a Commercial Debt Collection Agency, we do not perform government, or retail, or medical, or student debt collections.  We are strictly  business to business.  Our clients enjoy a unique and personable relationship with CRI, and they keep more of their own money that we collect on their behalf.

commercial debt collection

We have all the right tools, let us Help You Get Back What you are owed, without it costing you an arm and a leg!

Our Team

We are a very tight knit family run business.  Keeping the business within the family keeps the atmosphere personable for our clients, maintains a high degree of trust, and keeps expences low, which we pass on to you with the industry’s lowest cost debt collection fees.

Robert Wall debt collection agency

Robert I. Wall
Founder, Commercial Receivers Incorporated

Eric Wall debt collection agency

Eric V. Wall
Corporate Collections Manager

Carol Wall debt collection agency

Carol Wall

Vice President

Carol Wall debt collection agency

Ursala Balsam

Corporate Sales Manager

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