Lowest Debt Collection Rates

Keep more of what is owed to your business!

As low as 12% collection fee for many debt collection matters.


Lowest rates

Since 1982, we’ve provided the most competitive rates in the commercial debt collection industry.


Current Meaningful Reporting

Whatever stage your debt collection matter is in, we provide meaningful status reporting.  You will never again question the status of a commercial collections issue.

Seamless Legal Transition

When an account cannot be effectively collected through traditional debt collection agency measures, our next step is legal action in the debtor’s locale, if not the debtor’s hometown. The fees are still 100% contingent upon collection up to legal action; in that event, costs are submitted for your consideration – the latter a no-obligation option offered to creditors for totally uncooperative debtors, upon whom the force of law must be brought to bear in order to effect collection.


Boutique Full-Service Agency

Commercial Receivers, founded in 1982, is the exact opposite of the large, faceless mega-collection agencies. We are a small, closely held, fiercely honest boutique agency. We are an agency where you will actually get to speak to the business principals.

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We offer a 12% Collection Rate!

Established & Credible

Commercial Receivers is a bonded, no-nonsense commercial collection agency founded in 1982 and located in Glen Allen, Virginia, a suburb contiguous to the capital of Richmond, but national in scope. Commercial Receivers is your National Low Cost Debt Collection Agency.

Diligent Responsible Collections

Not only do we collect, but we pride ourselves in keeping you 100% updated on the status of your accounts.

It's Your Money - get back more of it

The way we look at it, it’s your money that’s at stake and you deserve to know how it is being collected. For this reason we copy you on every piece of correspondence so that your file is virtually a duplicate of ours, with only the delay of email, mail or fax time.

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Commercial Receivers Incorporated
P.O. Box 3180
Glen Allen, VA 23058-3180

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