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Look in the mirror – they probably look a lot like you!

What does a  debt collection client look like? 

Many businesses have never used a debt collection agency.  Some might feel that their business is not “the type” to use a debt collector.  Some might think they are too small to use a debt collection agency.  Others might feel that as an enterprise they need to hand off these matters to their attorneys (which can be VERY expensive).  As a  result, in all of corporate America, there is a LOT of money left on the table.  Money that is owed businesses that the businesses don’t know how to collect, or collect affordably.

Commercial Receivers, believes that all businesses that are owed money, are businesses that would benefit from our agency.  Our typical debt collection client probably looks a lot like you!


Debt collection clients
debt collection pharmaceutical

One of our clients is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical coatings. However, they also have a food products line in which they supply proprietary, unique food coloring agents. One of their clients, located in Mexico, owed them in excess of $239,000.00. Our client advised they simply refused to pay, coming up with a variety of excuses as to the reasons. They were contacted after the expiration of the Ten Day Free Demand and via payments paid the balance, in full, 67 days later.

What made them go from “Won’t Pay” to making payments? (You may ask!)

For one thing, despite that client and we are both located on the east coast, we have “longer arms” and are able to reach out to reluctant debtors via legal action, in their immediate vicinity, no matter where in the world they are. In this case legal action wasn’t necessary because of our commonsense ability and approach to working with debtors. We dealt with some very nice people at the debtor’s place of business.  We were equally nice to them but got results by explaining that

  1. the balance had to be paid,
  2.  we would work with them if some reasonable and mutually agreeable payment plan could be arrived at, but,
  3. if their balance would not be paid, we would have no other option except to proceed with legal action.

This did the trick. Whether some other creditor took the “hit” while this balance was being paid out, we don’t know. However, despite continuing back and forth along with one or two written demands and phone calls threatening legal action if a momentary default wasn’t cured, payment in full was accomplished and at the minimal rate of 12%, legal action as noted having been totally avoided.

Debt Collection Bottom Line:

We had a respectable debtor who was in some financial difficulty but, having been advised of the options now open to the creditor as a result of our involvement, decided it was time to come to the table and deal with this matter.

No Nonsense Approach to Debt Collection

The above scenario is a hardly uncommon one, despite the size of the balance. It’s true for smaller claims as well. Our no-nonsense but sensible approach is guided by a single principal—you as a creditor want your money. We as a collection agency will, therefore, do everything possible to collect in an amicable manner, in as short a time as possible, never accepting any plan proposed by a debtor of more than six months duration, unless we have our client’s approval. We will also do everything possible to avoid the additional expense of legal action, forwarding to an attorney when it’s clear to both of us there are no other alternatives to collection.

debt collection clients

Modern Debt Collection Strategies Old Fashioned Values

second   collection client 

Our low-cost collections mean that for small businesses and large, more money stays in your pocket.  Our collections before litigation methodology mean that you are not staring down the face of huge collection bills, to collect your debt.  For almost all matters, until they require escalation to an attorney, our rates can be as low as 12% of the amount collected.

There are literally no barriers to entry, we are incredibly easy to work with and incredibly affordable to continue to work with.   Take a look at a totally different client below, where the client recovered OVER 100% of what they were owed.  The “names have been changed to protect the innocent”, but chances are good you might see a little of yourself in them.

Commercial debt collection mexico

A Different Debt Collection Scenario

Here’s a matter virtually the reverse of the above! This time our client was located in Mexico, as opposed to the debtor from the last scenario.  Our client was owed some $167,360.00 by a New York City company.  The New York City debtor adamantly refused to pay their past due obligation. Legal action was necessary and it took nearly two years to realize payment, the debtor’s principal having claimed the company had ceased operation, was out of business, was broke, etc.

Enter the Debt Collection Attorneys

Our attorney refused to buy into this argument unless proof was offered. Like a bulldog he accordingly subpoenaed vital financial records which could only be obtained via court order and which subsequently indicated funds from debtor were being illegally conveyed to a new entity (aka Fraudulent Conveyance). Push came to shove, and this debtor threw in the towel.

The final kicker in this story is that the debtor ultimately paid some $175,000.00 in full settlement, netting our client some $7,640.00 over and above the placement balance thereby mitigating the total collection fees.

debt collection pharmaceutical
debt collection pharmaceutical

third  collection client 

Another Debt Collection Scenario

In May 2015 we made contact with a skeptical prospect who told us about a judgment obtained against a debtor in 2009. Their corporate attorney felt it was worthless to attempt execution due to substantial Federal Tax Liens against the debtor, and there the matter remained until we made contact with our soon to be client. In the meantime, debtor continued in business. The judgment balance was in the amount of $96,000.00, plus!

Commercial Receivers to the Rescue

Despite our various and sundry attempts at trying to work something out, the debtor wouldn’t cooperate and ultimately we placed the claim with counsel, who had past experience with the debtor and knew where they banked. Executing judgment via a garnishment brought a partial payment, and debtor, to the table and enabled us to set up a payment plan with this still very financially strained company.

Bottom line, the debt has so far been reduced by over $32,000.00, thus making happy a client who originally thought it would never salvage a cent and who was very doubtful that we could make a difference! And although the “race to the finish line,” e.g. payment in full, continues, this is a matter in which substantial progress has been made, albeit not as quickly as we would like, and which yet may pay out in full!

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