Collecting Without An Attorney

Debt Collection Agencies

Collection agencies are hired by businesses to collect outstanding debts, as you may already know. However, most collection agencies will only accept cases if they are confident that there is a good chance of a successful outcome. Collection agency services may also be costly according to Fred Steingold, author of “Legal Guide to Starting and Running a Small Business”.  In his writing, Mr. Steingold states that collection agencies can charge as much as 50% on any funds that they recover.  That can be a staggering thought, considering that you are simply trying to recover what is honestly owed to you.

Not all collection agencies are out to try and squeeze every penny they can from you.  Offering competitive rates as low as 10%, Commercial Receivers Incorporated is among the lowest cost commercial collection agency in the industry.  The team at Commercial Receivers Incorporated would like to help you to recover what is owed to you, without charging outrageously high rates.  Collecting debt is not always easy, but a commercial collection agency may be able to help you collect debt that is owed to you by using tactics or strategies that are not readily available to you.  Contact our experienced collection agency today, so that we can start working on a strategy that may work for you in getting back what is yours.

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