Extending Business Credit

Utilizing A Credit Report

When extending business credit, utilizing a credit report is one of the best ways to discover if your customer is creditworthy.  These days, pulling a credit report can be relatively easy when individuals or businesses are seeking credit.  Since businesses have credit reports as well, there are multiple business rating services that can pull a business credit report. Dunn and Bradstreet is a company that provides commercial data and analytics and has a fair bit of industry credibility. Utilizing a credit report can be a helpful tool when considering extending business credit.

However, extending credit to businesses that appear to be creditworthy based on their credit report is not a guarantee that the credit will always be repaid.  In life, things can happen, and even businesses with the best intentions of repaying debt can run into trouble.  A global economy, natural disaster, or even the business owners dealing with tragedy can all affect the business’ ability to repay debt.  It is times like this that a commercial debt collection agency can help to recover what is owed to you.  Commercial Receivers Incorporated is the lowest cost commercial debt collection agency’s in the industry, offering competitive rates as low as 10%.  Let our team help you to recover what is owed to you, through utilizing their suite of tools, as well as their years of experience.

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