Finding Hidden Assets

Using Someone Else’s Name

People will often put their assets in another person’s name to avoid a debt collector finding hidden assets that they do not want to be seized.  Using someone else’s name when hiding assets is a popular technique.  However, transferring valuable assets into someone else’s name could actually hurt the debtor’s financial security. If transferring of valuable assets are made near the same time frame as when the loan defaulted or when bankruptcy was filed, it could be an indicator that assets are being hidden. It can be hard to get a court order to seize property that is no longer in the debtor’s name. Also, attempting to prove that the actions of transferring the assets into someone else’s name were intentional, is even more difficult.

A fraudulent conveyance, such as using someone else’s name, is another tactic that debtors use to try and hide assets in an attempt to avoid them being seized.  Searching for and finding hidden assets is a way that you can get back the money that is owed to you.  Commercial Receivers Incorporated may be able to work with you and help to develop a strategy for finding hidden assets.  Let their team of experts work to help uncover hidden assets and recover your money.


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