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Receivables Management Systems

Do you have staff that is qualified to collect customer accounts? Do you have software that allows you to adequately track the accounts? Do you have the internal systems in place to prove the debt if a customer ever challenges you? There are excellent software packages out there to help you track your receivables, but don’t forget, you also need the paper trail to prove the debt should you ever end up needing a collections professional.

Receivables management systems can range from anything from a simple bookkeeping and check writing function, to something more in depth such as advanced double-entry systems including a ledger. As stated above, you will need a paper trail of each receivable account in order to prove the debt in a debt collection case. Every business will eventually need to enlist the help of a commercial debt collection agency. When it’s your time, make sure to call the lowest cost commercial debt collection agency, Commercial Receivers Incorporated. Our industry changing rates can be as low as 10%! Our philosophy is that you are the one who extended the line of credit, you deserve to get as much of it back as possible. Contact Commercial Receivers Incorporated today to take back more of what’s owed to you.

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