Extending Business Credit

Who gets what terms?

Let’s be smart about this, a credit policy doesn’t mean open the floodgates. The best customers, with the greatest ability to pay, should have the best terms. New customers that have not established trust yet, perhaps not so much.

Has the customer been consistent and loyal? If so, that’s a good candidate for whom to extend debt. Loyalty when extending SMB debt goes a long way.

Extending business lines of credit can lead to many benefits:

  • Increase in sales
    It only makes sense that if a customer has a longer time to pay off their purchases, they will make more purchases. More buying power for your customers directly translates to more sales.
  • Customer Loyalty
    By extending business credit, you show your customers that you trust them. This keeps customers coming back to your business, especially if your competitors don’t offer business credit.

Unfortunately, even the best of customers can go delinquent on their business credit. When this happens, you need a commercial collection agency on your side. Commercial Receivers Incorporated is the lowest cost commercial collection agency in the industry. We offer competitive rates as low as 10%! Our low-cost collections allow you to take back more of what’s yours. We believe that it’s your money, you deserve as much of it back as you can get. Contact Commercial Receivers Incorporated today to take back more of what’s yous.

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