5 Ways to Collect Without an Attorney


There are a few options available for this kind of dispute. For example, mediators are actually provided in some small claims courts. Instead of going to court, a judge could order the parties to see a mediator and find out if a deal can be reached. In other instances, the involved parties might hire a mediator to reach an agreement. Even though mediation might be much less expensive compared to formal legal action (parties usually split the cost) and much quicker, it isn’t always 100% effective. A mediator helps the parties to communicate more effectively; however, it is the parties involved that have to come to a voluntary agreement.

Unfortunately, mediation is now always the most effective tool for settlement when it comes to debt collection. A hallmark of mediation is that neither party usually walks away happy. When in mediation, both parties usually have to give something up in order for a settlement to be reached. When a debtor will have to pay regardless, this creates a situation where the debtor has only things to gain during mediation. Say in exchange for more immediate payment, the debt owed would be decreased.

Instead of mediation, it is usually best to enlist the helpĀ of a low-cost debt collection agency. Commercial Receivers Incorporated is the lowest cost commercial debt collection agency around. Our incredibly low rates (as low as 10%) and our high probability of success allow us to get back more of what is owed to you. We believe that since you are the one who offered the credit, you deserve to get back as much of it as possible. Contact Commercial Receivers Incorporated to take back what is yours.

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