Finding Hidden Assets

Wage Garnishment

Income and wages are considered assets. They may be garnished or used as necessary in order to satisfy a judgment. To collect on a judgment, you will need to know the prospective debtor’s income as well as his or her property. The same goes for collecting alimony or child support payments. A judge can settle any of these issues but does not make the collection from the settlement.

Wage garnishment is when a judge orders your employer to withhold part of your paycheck to pay off your debts. It takes a lot to reach the point where a wage garnishment is an option. There are many alternatives to this such as debt consolidation and debt settlement, both of which might require costly court fees.

Commercial Receivers Incorporated is the lowest cost commercial debt collection agency in the industry. Our rates can be as low as 10%! We will not forward your claim to an attorney unless it is absolutely necessary. We believe that it’s your money and that you deserve as much of it back as possible. So don’t give more of your money to a debt collection attorney, before you contact Commercial Receivers Incorporated or fill out our online claim form to get back more of what’s owed to you.

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