“My girlfriends are real expensive, and you’d never dress like them no matter how much money I sent you.”

We have found that the majority of debtors are genuinely good people, and simply need guidance on how to get out of the financial mess they are in.  Working with debtors almost always results in payment of the debt being made.

However, through our friends in the industry, we’ve curated a list of truly astonishing excuses given by debtors.

Please accept these with the humor that they are intended with.

In the meantime, once you are tired of the excuses, and its time to seriously work on getting paid, complete our online claim form, or give Commercial Receivers Incorporated a call.  We have the lowest rates in the industry and have extremely high success rates collecting money owed to our clients.

We only collect commercial debt.  If you have retail/consumer debt, we are not your debt collection agency.

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