As it pertains to the damage existing on an automobile after the lease expires and the vehicle condition report is completed. “I live in Miami. Dents to the bumpers and scratches on the sides of my vehicle are normal wear and tear!”

In our work, we have found that the vast majority of debtors intend to pay their debt but have simply fallen on hard times. Our experience is that by working with the debtor almost always results in payment.

On the opposite end of the “debtor spectrum”, are the types of debtors showcased in this series. They offer bizarre and entirely improbable excuses for why they have not been able to pay.

Are delinquent debtors putting a dent in your profits? Commercial receivers incorporated has one of the highest success rates in the industry ON TOP of having the lowest cost to you. Give us a call or fill out our online claim placement form. Let’s get started on collecting what is owed to you.

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